Armenia: A decision has not been made yet

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ARMTV has not made yet the final decision on the participation of the country in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 that will be held in Baku.

Gohar Gasparyan, the Armenian head of delegation, stated that When the final decision on participation is made, we will think about possible candidates. Gasparyan didn’t confirm or aside the reposts of the Armenian press about Lucia Moon being the next representative of the country. Earlier, it was reported that David Iondem (Lucia’s producer) made a proposal on to ARMTV for Baku. You can see below what the official web site of  Lucia states.

 Lucia Moon, is an American singer and a songwriter of Armenian decent originally from Baku Azerbaijan. Lucia and her current producer in Armenia, David Iondem, are working on her new album and a song which she intends to present for the Eurovision-2012 contest.

Lucia Moon