Armenia: Andre (2006): “If my Motherland needs it, I will do it”

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In an exclusive interview with partners OGAE Armenia, the Armenian representative of 2006, Andre, stated he would return to the contest if his motherland required it.

Andre stated to OGAE Armenia; “I also want to mention that after announcing the ESC 2011 winner I have received a lot of letters asking to represent Armenia on ESC2012 in Baku. Once I made a joke that I would represent Armenia when ESC is gonna be in Baku. I would say more, many new opened fan-clubs ask me to participate. Sure, I am very adulate and happy about my fans. I`m ready for this step much more than ever. In my nature I`m a leader. So, if my Motherland needs it, I will do it. I know what I want to sing, but let’s keep it secret.”

When asked if he’d sing in duet with Sirusho (2008), Andre reponded “I received a lot of proposals from Sirusho’s and my fans. But we haven’t got such projects now. We are very good (best) friends, and, I suppose that we could create a perfect duet very quickly, if needed. But I think that Armenia shouldn`t be represented as a duet this time.”

To read the full interview, check out OGAE Armenia’s official website here!

Andre represented Armenia on debut back in 2006, where he finished 8th in the final with “Without Your Love”


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