Armenia: “A ballad for Artsvik would be something new and different”

With the decision to send Artsvik to Kiev, Armenia might send in a different song when compared to recent years. Our reporter Ani Shohayan followed Depi Evratesil and thinks that Armenia will probably pick a ballad this year.

“During the contest she mainly came up with ballads. I think she will come up with something like that. It would be something new and different for Armenia, compared to recent years,” Ani tells us in our podcast Scout Around.

“I think this new method was good enough,” she continues. “It has been a while since Armenia has had a national selection. As a tv viewers I can say that it was well organized with serious competition.”

Armenia has decided to go for an unknown talent, instead of picking a big name that has already made their mark on the Armenian music industry. Ani explains: “There are still some good big names left to be chosen internally, but the creative team came up with this idea to give any new talent a chance to become a big name. The slogan of the contest was ‘it is your turn’ so this was a chance for anyone.”