Armenia: Depi Evratesil goes from twelve to six

Only six participants have qualified for the semifinal of the Armenian national selection, Depi Evratesil. One of them is going to represent Armenia at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv.

The fourth round of Depi Evratesil has come to the end facing another tense battle between participants. Each of the six judges has made a difficult decision about keeping only one participant out of their two. As a result, from the total of twelve participants only six will continue the competition.

The semifinal will be held on the upcoming Saturday. Public voting will be included in the show. More details about the exact process are not yet made public.

Check out the six qualified semifinalists performing songs below:

Some of the participants have tried the Voice, X factor and other talent shows before; not only in Armenia but also in Russia and Ukraine. Artsvik participated in the second season of the Voice of Russia, where coach Dima Bilan decided not to turn around his chair for her. However, she managed to make it to the battle phase.

Vahe Aleksanyan was a finalist in the Voice of Armenia. Syuzanna Melkonyan also took part in the Voice of Armenia as well as in X factor and HaySuperstar (which is the Armenian version of Idols). Whereas Lucy was the winner of the second season of HaySuperstar.

Another participant Marta is an artist and teacher at State Song Theatre of Armenia. Her judge Anush also used to be a part of State Song Theatre of Armenia. As Marta stated in one of the episodes of the contest, this is one of the reasons that she enjoys working with Anush even more. As for Egine, she was not much famous to the Armenian auditory before her participation in Depi Evratesil. However, some of her experience in singing can be found in this YouTube Channel.

Details about Depi Evratesil

Armenia is selecting their Eurovision representative through this brand new project for the first time. The song for the artist will be announced later.

The first round was auditions stage were from hundreds of participants only 37 made it to the next round. At the following round called “Judges Selection Stage” only 24 participants could make it to the teams of six judges with only four artists in each team. Later on, during the third round “One of Two” two weeks in a row one of two artists from each juror team had to leave the contest. As a result, from 24 selected artists only 12 got the chance to continue the battle in the upcoming fourth round, where the six semifinalists were determined.

depi-evratesilAll six judges of the contest are former Eurovision participants coming together to make up the right decision about their successor. The jury members are Iveta Mukuchyan (2016), Aram MP3 (2015), Hayko (2007), Essai Altounian (2015), Anush Arshakyan (2009) and Inga Arshakyan (2009, 2015). The contest is hosted by Gohar Gasparyan.

For more information you can check out the official channel of Depi Evratesil to catch up with all the previous episodes of the contest.

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  1. Lilit and Hasmik being left out goes to show you what a bunch of unprofessionals are running this competition. Just a complete bunch of amateurs who really have no clue what kind of artist deserves to be on that stage. Sad, really.

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