Armenia: Fans create clip for Eurovision participation

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Active Armenian fans for the Eurovision Song Contest have begun a campaign for the nation’s Eurovision activity. The first film focuses on the subject; Why do fans love Eurovision?

Nine of the most active Eurovision fans from Armenia were chosen from many fans for the film. The photographer-director of the film is Karen Khontyan – who has been involved in such films before. We want to remind you that the same group of fans made two films about the Junior Eurovision Song Contest which was held last year in Yerevan. The film was shot on January 22nd, on Northern Avenue, which is situated in the centre of Yerevan.

“Why not speak to fans? The contest can’t survive without them. This could be great event to prove that ESC fans don’t know what is politics, and that they just adore this contest without it. The idea of the film belongs to the fans”, – said director of the clip Karen Khontyan.

The fans promise that after the name of the participant from Armenia is announced, they will make a new surprise for fans.

Here is the film: