Armenia: National final songs online

As reported yesterday by ESCDaily, the songs for Armenia’s Junior Eurovision national final would be published online this week. ARMTV received 31 songs for the selection, and approx. 26 will go proceed to the quarterfinals of the preselection. A draw will take place on 30th August (during a news edition). You can hear all of the songs at the OGAE Armenia website here.

Razmik Aghajanyan – “Vor lini” (“Let be”)
«Aliqner» group – “Qami” (“Wind”)
Vladimir Arzumanyan – “Mama” (“Mama”)
Nona Avagyan – “Poqreri ton” (“Junior Celebration”)
Ara Balayan – “Hrashqneri ashxarhamas” (“Land of Miracles”)
Mane Barseghyan – “Qez het im erg” (“With You, My song”)
Anzhelika Barseghyan – “Voghjuyn” (“Hello”)
Vergine Bekchyan – “Charachchin” (“Naughty”)
«Do-Re-Mi» band “Pop Star” (“Pop Star”)
Meri Grigoryan – “Bemn im teghn e” (“Stage is my place”)
Vahagn Grigoryan – “Vrum-vrum” (“Vrum-vrum”)
Heghine Hayrapetyan – “Im poqrik enkere” (“My Little friend”)
Mariam Karapetyan – “Khaghaghutyan koch” (“Call For Peace”)
Erna Maruqyan – “Heqiatayin qaghaq” (“Fairy-tale town”)
Zinaida Meliqyan and Karina – “Erazanq” (“A Dream”)
Anush Melqonyan – “Aghjikneri molorake” (“Girls Planet”)
Hayk Melqonyan – “Im erkir Hayastan” (“My land Armenia”)
Ninela – “Chalo shunik” – (“Chalo Doggie”)
Anahit Sahakyan – “Molorake dzaynakcum e mez” (“The Planet sings with us”)
Inessa Sahakyan – “Ari indz het” (“Come with me”)
«Zangak» group – “Evratesil” (“Eurovision”)
Dalita – “Jraharsi erge” (“Mermaid song”)
Minasyan Masis – “Ergeq indz het” (“Sing with me”)
Lidushik – “Hay” (Hi)

Currently, only 23 songs are avaliable – three more are due to be added, which are all currently undergoing some techincal changes.

Razmik Aghajanyan participated in the Armenian 2009 national final (placing 2nd) and also announced the voting results for Armenia at Junior Eurovision 2009. «Zangak» group also took partin the 2009 national final, placing 6th, and «Do-Re-Mi» band took part in Armenia’s 2008 national final with the songs “Sara Bara bu” and “Schokolade”. Good luck to all of the participants!