Armenia: ‘You can understand our song in different ways’

One of the most controversial songs in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 is the one from Armenia, which is called ‘Face The Shadow’. Originally it was called ‘Don’t Deny’, of which some people thought it was a reference to the Armenian genocide. Something the Armenian Head of Delegation is refusing to talk about.

“In this atmosphere, at Eurovision, we have not the proper platform to discuss this question,” says HoD Gohar Gasparyan from the Armenian delegation. “A lot of songs have been critized in the past. Last year it happened to Conchita. The power of our song is that you can understand it in different ways. Songs can be strong and universal if they can be understood differently. They can reach to different people, this is the strength of our song.”

Fact is that Armenia changed their song title, to stay out of this discussion. “We decided to change the song title out of own. It was our geasture, to keep our artists far from political critisim. We got criticism from two of our neighbour countries, so we decided to do this.”