Armenia: ARMTV confirms rumours, Emmy to Düsseldorf

In perhaps a surprise move, ARMTV has gone internal for 2011 by picking National Finalist of 2010 Emmy Bejanyan.

The rumours surfaced last week and now have been confirmed by ARMTV that Emmy has in fact been internally selected to represent Armenia in Düsseldorf.

In controversal circumstances in 2010, Emmy and rapper Mihran were second in the Armenian National Final after Eva Rivas won.

In a press conference today by ARMTV, it was announced that Emmy would be the representative and that the 2011 selection will be similar to that of 2008, when Sirusho was internally selected. Therefore, there will be a public call for songs which will result in a National Final consisting of most likely 3-5 songs.

Check out Emmy in action earlier this year in the Armenian National Final singing “Hey”!