Armenia: Artsvik and Marta to sing at Depi Evratesil final

Artsvik and Marta are the finalists of Armenian Depi Evratesil. Next week they will compete at the grand final. The winner will represent Armenia at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev.

Photo credits belong to AMPTV.

Tonight, at the second semifinal of Depi Evratesil four artists- Artsvik, Marta, Egine and Syuzanna Melqonyan competed once again presenting one international hit and one Eurovision hit. However, only Artsvik and Marta made it to the grand final after a 50/50 voting combination of professional jury and TV viewers with all the income of the SMS votes going to charity.

Artsvik was the winner of the night. She qualified by winning with jury and coming the second with TV viewers getting a total of 62 points. Marta, who won with both votes last week, tonight came the last with international jury. However, this did not hinder her to qualify, as she took the first place with TV viewers (getting a total of 61 points). Syuzanna, taking the third place with a total 54 points, and Egine, taking the last place with a total of 43 points are out of the contest.


Unlike last week, when the jury consisted of nine-member local professionals, tonight the jury panel has consisted of eleven-member international experts headed by Christer Björkman. The famous Melodifestivalen producer was present at the show and announced the jury votes. The professional jury voted from one to four points giving the highest ones to their favorite artist.

Jury votes have been the following:

  • Marta – 21 points
  • Egine -24 points
  • Suzanna Melkonyan -30 points
  • Artsvik – 35 points

TV viewers have voted in the following way:

  • Marta  – 40 points
  • Egine -19 points
  • Suzanna Melkonyan -24 points
  • Artsvik – 27 points

The interval act was filled with Quick Change Illusion, performed by the special guests -Sos and Victoria Petrosyans. They are four times Guinness World Records holders and were behind the stage performance of Armenian junior representatives, Mary and Anahit’s  high speed costume change illusion. Sos and Victoria Petrosyans performed high speed costume change illusion and in one of their acts Christer Bjorkman was involved.

The final of the contest will be held next Saturday, on 24 December, when either Artsvik or Marta will be announced as the winner and the Armenian representative for Kyiv.