Australia: Which countries rewarded Isaiah with points?

Now that the dust clouds have settled in, it is time to look at how Australia has fared at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Who voted for us, and what were the differences between the semi final and the grand final?

As we all know, Isaiah Firebrace and his song ‘Don’t Come Easy’ finished in the top 10 of the contest again. The ninth place makes sure that Australia is amongst the best ten nations in the contest for the third time in a row. Even though there was no single famous ‘douze points’ in the final…

Australia in the semi final of 2017

This was a bit different in the semi final. Three countries gave Isaiah their 12 points in the jury vote. This was the case with the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Sweden. We got 10 jury points from Belgium, Iceland and Latvia, 8 from Finland, Poland and Spain, 7 from Azerbaijan, Cyprus and the United Kingdom, 6 from Georgia, Moldova and Portugal, 5 from Albania, 3 from Montenegro and 1 from Armenia and Italy.

It comes as no surprise that the televote was not so generous for us Aussies this year. Iceland gave us 6 points, which was the highest amount of points in the semi final. Armenia and Slovenia gave us 3 points, Azerbaijan, Cyprus and Sweden 2, and we got one point from Albania, Belgium and Montenegro. If it was up to only televoters, however, Australia would not have been in the final.

Australia’s results in the grand final

This showed of in the final as well. Only Denmark gave us two points. Perhaps because they were grateful that we allowed them to send Anja Nissen this year!

In the jury vote things went so well that we ended up in fourth place in their ranking! No 12 points this year, but the Czech Republic, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and the United Kingdom (are you really accepting us now, bless you!) gave us 10 points.

Except for Albania, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malta, Montenegro and San Marino all other countries gave us at least one point, adding up to an amazing 171 points!

How Australia voted

If we were in charge of Eurovision, Montenegro and Finland would have been in the final! They got points from the Australian televote in the semi final. Our 12 points went to Moldova, ahead of winner Salvador Sobral from Portugal. The ranking for our semi final televote continued with Sweden, Montenegro, Cyprus, Armenia, Belgium, Greece, Finland and Azerbaijan.

Our jury was very fond of Poland, and gave Kasia Mos 12 points, followed by Moldova, Sweden, Finland (again), Portugal, Armenia, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Iceland and Greece.

In the final Steven Capaldo, Lucy Durack, Natasha Cuppit, Jackie Loeb and Peter Hayward changed their minds a bit. Poland dropped to the 9th place, receiving just 2 points. The United Kingdom won our jury vote by a landslide, followed by Moldova, Bulgaria and Portugal. These three countries went on to become the actual top 3 of the contest. Sweden, Anja Nissen for Denmark, The Netherlands, Austria, Poland and Armenia completed the list of the jury.

Our televote was more consistent than the jury. Again, Sunstroke Project was the favourite. Yodel It also got a lot of calls and surpassed Anja Nissen for the 10 points. Portugal, Sweden, Bulgaria, Belgium, United Kingdom, Italy and Croatia completed our televote result.