Australia: ‘Dami Im has a couple of things working in her favour’

“Dami Im could do well for Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm, even though she was not the big favourite to represent her country beforehand. Thus states chief editor Steef van Gorkum in a special episode of Scout Around.

In the Monday podcast show Scout Around, we discuss the results from the preselections all over Europe. But today, presenter Dennis van Eersel launched a special extra episode to go in depth today on the Australian hopeful for Sweden.

Van Gorkum: “She was mentioned, but she was not the main candidate that we have talked about for months. We had an interview with Head of Delegation Paul Clarke last year, stating SBS would sen dan even bigger name than Guy Sebastian. And the names that were mentioned were quite big, like Sia, Kylie Minogue of Delta Goodrem. In that sense, Dami was not the main favourite.”

But still, Australia can of course be succesful with this choice: “Australia has a couple of things working in their favour with this choice. Dami Im has experience with juries. Although they have a more prominent role at talent shows than at Eurovision, they tend to go for talented singers, and Dami Im sure can sing. Another thing is that she has experience with a tv competition. Important factors for Eurovision.”

Could the choice for Dami Im have influence on Australia being able to stay in the contest longer? As they did not deliver the big name, that they have promised. Van Gorkum thinks this is not an issue. “I still think Australia will be able to stay in Eurovision, because it is not relying just on sending big names. The EBU was very excited about how SBS approached the contest. Big names like Guy Sebastian attract high viewing figures. But the enthousiasm of having Australia in the contest is still there.”