EBU: “Final decision about Australia will come one day”

For now, a decision about the Australian participation in Eurovision will have to be taken on case-by-case basis. But it will not always stay that way, says EBU’s Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand. “There will come a permanent decision one day.”

“We will evaluate whether they should be a permanent member or not. But we have to talk very thoroughly with all the members. This is a competition that origined from Europe, and with a new member coming in, like Australia, we have to make sure that everybody is on board and can accept them as a permanent member. It is not something that I can decide, and not even the Reference Group alone. But we can give advice, we can give a recommendation.”

The EBU has also discussed other non-European broadcasters who might want to participate in the future. “We have discussed that, but it is not decided yet.” Sand has earlier stated that Kazachstan is not in the picture for 2017 participation – but participation in the future cannot be excluded just yet.