“Song must match Jessica Mauboy’s excellent vocal qualities”

A couple of days ago, our Australian reporter Joshua Mayne already put Jessica Mauboy on top of his list of possible acts for Australia in 2018.

 Now that she will actually go to Eurovision, he feels excited about the possibilities of another high score at the Eurovision Song Contest.

“She is a simply amazing singer. Her vocal capabilities must be matched with an excellent song,” he states in the video report you can see below:

Jessica Mauboy spoke out on ESCDaily

We already had the chance to talk to Jessica Mauboy about Eurovision 2018. She then spoke her mind on her act and song. It will probably be an uptempo song with lots of movement.

But Jessica also hinted that her act will include some of her aboriginal roots. Joshua Mayne is looking forward to that, very much. “Absolutely beautiful, we have a rich cultural tradition, which is something nice to share with Europe.”