Australia qualified as fourth in the second semi of Eurovision 2018

Australia’s Jessica Mauboy finished in fourth place at the second semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. The full split result of the shwo on Thursday have been released by the EBU, right after the results of the grand final came in.

Full result from semi final 2:

1. Norway (266 points)
2. Sweden (254 points)
3. Moldova (235 points)
4. Australia (212 points)
5. Denmark (204 points)
6. Ukraine (179 points)
7. The Netherlands (174 points)
8. Slovenia (132 points)
9. Serbia (117 points)
10. Hungary (111 points)
11. Romania (107 points)
12. Latvia (106 points)
13. Malta (101 points)
14. Poland (81 points)
15. Russia (65 points)
16. Montenegro (40 points)
17. San Marino (28 points)
18. Georgia (24 points)

Denmark won the televote, televote prefered Poland over The Netherlands

Waylon from The Netherlands would not have been in the final if it was up to the televoters solely. They had their eyes on DJ Gromee and Lukas Meijer from Poland, coming in tenth place. Another very surprising result? Rasmussen from Denmark won the televote!

The jury had Denmark and Serbia out

On the other hand, the jury had Denmark on their 12th place, making him a non-qualifier for them! Serbia also was out, ending on 11th place. The discrepancy was the thing that kicked Romania and Latvia out of the competition. The jury would have liked to see The Humans and Laura Rizzotto in the final.