Australia: “SBS deserves a permanent place at Eurovision”

In our podcast Scout Around we look ahead at the artist presentation of Australia for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. For the third time in a row, Australia has been invited to the contest. But our chief editor Steef van Gorkum think it is time to make this a permanent stay after Kiev.

“You do not want to get too cocky and ask for too much,” he explains. “But after a while the EBU needs to make a decision. You can not go on in this year on year basis. Now I get the feeling Australia has to prove something every year again. At one point you have to say: They have proven themselves enough. But every participating country should be on board, if Australia gets a permanent place in the contest. So the United Kingdom, the BBC, might be the biggest problem.”

Who will be the Lucky number three?

This Tuesday we get to know the successor of Guy Sebastian and Dami Im. And after their results, of course, expectations are high here at ESC Daily. “Expectations always have to be high. We only took part twice, and got a top 5 result two times. Last year they said to get an even bigger name than Guy Sebastian. With Dami Im, they did not exactly do that, but the end result was even better. So SBS is much more quiet now before we get to know who the next Australian artist will be. The focus is on other things, like the new commentators.”

No more Julia and Sam for Australia

And that news came in like a bang. No more Julia Zemiro and Sam Pang. Eurovision in Australia will never be the same, explains Steef van Gorkum: “A huge surprise for all Eurovision fans in Australia. They were so popular, they are Eurovision! It was all linked to Julia and Sam. They were funny but also knew a lot about the contestants. SBS has to find new names now and they have big shoes to fill.”