Australia: “Bella’s song almost too good for Junior Eurovision”

Bella Paige’s “My Girls” has received a lot of great praise from the press centre. ESCDaily had a chat with John Stanton from Eurovision Ireland, Richard Taylor from Eurovoix and our own chief editor Steef van Gorkum to hear the reactions.

Both Eurovoix’s Richard Taylor and Eurovision Ireland’s John Stanton are huge fans of the songs. Stanton went as far as claiming that Bella’s song “is almost too good for Junior Eurovision”.

When asked about Australia’s return to the adult version of the contest, the answers were mixed. While John Stanton emphasizes that Australia is not in Europe nor a full EBU-member, Richard Taylor welcomes Australia to the competition with open arms. Chief editor Steef van Gorkum calls EBU’s decision a sensible move, since SBS has broadcasted the contest for 30 years. “Australia is not in Europe, but they are part of the European public sphere.”