Australia: ‘We want to compete again more than anything else’

The Australian delegation is looking forward to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest again somewhere in the upcoming years. Head of Delegation Paul Clarke has told that to ESC Daily, when we caught up with him after the Australian first rehearsal.

“We want to compete again more than anything else,” says Clarke. “But hopefully, if we don’t spoil the party, they will bring us back again. We are a wildcard, but you never know. I think we are very fortunate to be here, and maybe it will be a once in ten year thing. For that reason, we would love to win, because that would keep us here for one more year.”

But even if that is not the case, the Australian delegation is delighted to be in Vienna: “We feel very lucky, Eurovision is a celebration, we think it’s real fun. But we always want to compete. And it is so important that we are here, at this happy joyfull explosion. It is like the Olympics of songs.”

As we all know, Guy Sebastian is representing the land down under. Paul Clarke says about that choice: “Guy Sebastian was my first choice. We didn’t know if he was available, but he was always the one we wanted. We also asked many other artists, including Kylie Minogue. Guy has been in a singing competition before, and he writes really special songs. I wanted to bring him here and I am really proud it worked out well.”