Austria: Interview Natália Kelly

[cft format=0]ESCDaily spoke with several participants of the Austrian preselection. Today you can read another of these interviews, with Natália Kelly….

ESCDaily: Could you make a short introduction of yourself?

Natália: Hello, I’m Natália Kelly, 18 years old and living in wonderful Austria since I am 5 years old. I still go to school and should finish next year. Music is my life. My family has a rather international background with my grandmother from Austria, my mother from Brazil, and my father from the USA. I guess that kind of makes my brother and I children of the world!

ESCDaily: Why you decided to take part in the Austrian National Final 2013?

Natália: To be part of the oldest and the biggest Music Competition in the world is an honor. I love music, I already have 10 years of stage experience, I write my own songs, too, and I’ve been participating in other competitions. I felt ready for the next level and this is it!

ESCDaily: Can you tell us a little bit more about your participation in the National Final this year?

Natália: It’s going to be bright and colorful. The song is uplifting and so will be show!

ESCDaily: What would it mean to you to represent your country in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö?

Natália: The Eurovision Song Contest is the biggest music competition in the world and it’s a combination of many nations and different cultures coming together to do what unites us all: music. And that’s what I love the most!

If you have been to Austria, then you know it is a beautiful country, full of friendly people and we have a great music tradition. To represent Austria in this Worldwide competition would be a great privilege for me and a great way to thank and honor the many teachers, family, and friends who have helped me to become the singer and musician that I am today. Besides, I enjoy singing and I appreciate every opportunity I can get to share my music.

ESCDaily: In case Austria selects you to represent them in Malmö, what can we expect from you in the big show?

Natália: Energy! Optimism! The show of my life!

ESCDaily: Have you already heard the other entries from the National Final and which one, apart from yours, you like the most?

Natália: The five national finalists are each presenting a bit different musical directions and each will surely entertain the audience. I like them all and look forward to the finals.

Österreich rockt den Song Contest

ESCDaily: Unfortunately Austria didn’t make it to the final last year in Baku. Do you think the pressure is higher this year because of that?

Natália: There is always pressure out there. Had Austria reached the finals in Baku, perhaps the pressure would be even more today. I am always positively excited and I really look forward to be on stage and perform for my audience.

ESCDaily: Do you like the last years’ winning song “Euphoria” performed by Loreen?

Natália: The song was incredible. I think Loreen has a very interesting background and her performance was very creative.

ESCDaily: Are you a Eurovision fan?

Natália: Yes, I do enjoy the Eurovision Song Contest a lot and as a family we watch it every year!

ESCDaily: What is your favorite Eurovision song ever?

Natália: I love Celine Dion; therefore her song “Ne partez pas sans moi” from the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest is my favorite. I do like Loreen – “Euphoria“ 2012, Alexander Rybak – “Fairytale 2009.

ESCDaily: Who are your musical inspirations?

Natália: Music itself is an inspiration for me. I hear music everywhere and I’ve been learning a little bit from each song I hear. Just to name a few of the artist I’ve been learning from: Celine Dion, Adele, Beyoncé, Janis Joplin, Pink, Etta James, Billy Joel and all the musicians that enrich my life on a daily basis: my vocal, piano, and guitar teachers.

ESCDaily: Are you working on other projects at the moment, apart the Austrian National Final?

Natália: Yes. My first album with Universal Music will be released in March 2013! I wrote half of the songs on the album myself. So I’m very proud of the album and of my first single “Shine” which I’m co-writer. And no matter what happens, I will always make music. I want to move people with what I do best and that’s my music 🙂

ESCDaily: And one last thing – do you have a message for our ESCDaily readers?

Natália: Have fun with the show, enjoy the great music that’s going to be presented and if you have the chance to watch the Austrian finals, vote for me if you are in Austria and if not, wish me luck. I hope to see you all in Malmö 😀

ESCDaily: Thank you very much for taking your time to answer all our questions. We wish you all the best and lot of fun in the National Final on 15th February!

Natália: I thank you for the interview and for organizing such a great Blog! It was a pleasure! 😀

Watch the official music video to Natália’s “Shine”