Austria: Wildcard completes national final lineup!

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Today Hitradio Ö3 revealed the tenth act to the Austrian National Final, which is scheduled to take place next month, on Friday the 24th of February.

This year, nine acts were invited by Austrian broadcaster ORF to take part in the National Final, where the acts had the right to select their own entries to the final. The tenth act was selected via an open call from the Austrian broadcaster, where over 100 songs were submitted. From the entrants, ORF selected the Mary Broadcast Band as lucky act number ten, due to their entry providing an even greater variety in the songs of the final.

Here is the list of participants in the final;

1. !DelaDap
2. Blockstars
3. James Cottriall
4. Krautschädl
5. Papermoon
6. Norbert Schneider
7. Trackshittaz
8. Valerie
9. Conchita Wurst
10. Mary Broadcast Band – “How Can You Ask Me?” Wildcard

Tonight there will be a Song Contest Party where all the candidates will meet and present their songs live. It is expected that all the entries to the final will be broadcast from tomorrow on Hitradio Ö3.

Eurovision fans may remember Trackshittaz from this year’s Austrian selection, where they came 2nd with their popular entry ‘Oidz Taunz!’. They were narrowly beaten in the Austrian selection by Nadine Beiler, who took the country to 18th place in the Eurovision Song Contest Final of 2011 with ‘The Secret Is Love’.

With thanks to Sascha Frasz for his assistance with this article.