AWS grabs the Hungarian ticket to Lisbon

After three heats, two semi finals and one grand final, A Dal 2018 has it’s conclusion. AWS won the music competition in Hungary and has won the ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

The song ‘Viszlát nyár‘ is the successing entry of ‘Origo’ at Eurovision. In a dramatic turn of events, AWS won the televoting, overcoming their low total of 8 points after the jury voted. A Dal has a history of jury and televote disagreeing with each other.

You can read back Joshua’s liveblog of A Dal here.

Results of the final of A Dal 2018

After the jury voting sequence, the scores were as follows… (qualifiers to the televoting stage in bold)

  1. Gergely Dánielfy – Azt mondtad – 36 points
  2. Viktor Király – Budapest Girl – 30 points
  3. yesyes – I Let You Run Away – 28 points 
  4. AWS – Viszlát nyár – 8 points 
  5. Leander Kills – Nem szól harang – 6 points
  6. Gábor Heincz Biga – Good vibez
 – 4 points
  7. Tamás Horváth – Meggyfa – 0 points
  8. Zsolt Süle  – Zöld a május
 – 0 points

Winning performance

It may have been metal, but it was metal done well. AWS made this genre very accessible, with a chorus that’s an instant ear worm. The energy was off the charts, and the vocals were everything they needed to be (although a little shaky in the verses). The ‘grunting’ at the end may be polarising for some, but ultimately, it was a hit amongst the fans in the arena, and most importantly, popular amongst the televoters.

You can watch the winning performance below…


How will it fare in Lisbon?

It seems to be a love/hate entry for many, which can be risky at Eurovision. However, that can often be a strength, as it ensures that the performance is memorable. There is no denying that his song will stand out, and its energy and vibes could resonate with many voters (like it did in Hungary).

The result of the semi final allocation draw