Azerbaijan: Milli Seçim Turu continues tonight with seventh heat

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The Azerbaijani selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 will kick off once again tonight with the seventh heat of Milli Seçim Turu.

A total of nine acts will take part, including big favorite “Sabina Babayeva”, who was previously ill and therefore reallocated to the seventh heat. As always, the weekly heats will be made up of a total of five shows each weekday;

Monday: Foreign Song
Tuesday: Azerbaijani Song
Wednesday: Past-year Eurovision Song
Thursday: Performance-focused Song
Friday: Singers choice

You can view the participants below, and view their photo by clicking their name;

Erkin Osmanli
“AD Gloriam” group
Ayla Idrisova
Kamran Abdullayev
Sabina Babayeva
Hana Hasanova
Heyal Taghiyev
Natig Baghirov
Azer Selimlidir

So far the semifinalists are;

Heat 1: Orhan Kerimli
Heat 2: Meryem Kerimova
Heat 3: Hayyam Mustafazadeh
Heat 4: Fegan Sererov
Heat 5: Elton İbrahimov
Heat 6: Adil Bakışlı
Heat 7: ?
Heat 8: ?