Azerbaijan releases Samira’s ESC song ‘Cleopatra’

Azerbaijan has presented their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. Samira Efendit will sing the song ‘Cleopatra’ in Rotterdam and you can check it out here!

‘Cleopatra’ is a straightforward ethnopop song, with a rather laidback chorus. Within this chorus, there are moments highly suitable for dance routines. Therefore, the song seems written for a staged performance.

Listen to Samira Efendi – Cleopatra below:

Samira had previously attempted five times to represent Azerbaijan at Eurovision, now finally being successful. The 28-year-old has competed in popular musical programs such as Yeni ulduz, Böyük Səhnə (3rd place) and The Voice of Azerbaijan (3rd place). In 2017, she also took part in the Silk Way Star, an international singing competition which aired in Kazakhstan (3rd place), and, in 2019, she successfully represented Azerbaijan at the Voice of Nur-Sultan, again in Kazakhstan.

Samira was the runner-up choice to represent Azerbaijan in 2019. However, Chingiz ended up singing “Truth” in Tel Aviv ultimately placing fifth at the Grand Final.