Baku 2012: Pernilla Karlsson to represent Finland in Eurovision

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Pernilla Karlsson has won the Finnish National Final and Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2012 tonight. Her ballad När jag blundar (sung in Swedish language!) will now be the song representing Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku. After making it to the superfinal, Karlsson battled it out with Ville Eetvartti and the folkband Stig, and came out on top at the end of the voting.

In the professional show, the Finnish hosts welcomed not only their own crowd but also all the foreigners watching the show online. After that, six songs competed for three spots in the second round, the superfinal. Among the six songs, Finland showed some quality compositions, but the vocals however weren’t strong enough in each performance. Ville Eetvartti for example performed a powerful rock song, but did not reach the high notes in the refrains of his song.

Pernilla won the battle in the superfinal and became the deserved winner. Not only did she sing her small ballad incredibly well, she also came up with a very original act. While Pernilla sang her song on the main stage, up front on the catwalk a similar looking woman wearing the same dress as Pernilla danced a modern ballet dance. A nice effect, especially because it seems Pernilla is reflected in a dancing mirror. Question remains, however, whether Finland is going to maintain this act during the Eurovision Song Contest in May.

The participants in the final were (superfinalists in bold);

– Iconcrash – We are the night
– Kaisa Vala – Habits of human beings
– Mica Ikonen – Antaa mennä
– Pernilla Karlsson – När jag blundar
– Stig – Laululeija
– Ville Eetvartti – Lasikaupunki

You can view the winning performance by Pernilla below;