Baku 2012: Winners press conference

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Liam Whelan in the press centre, just waiting for the winner’s press conference to start. Congratulations Sweden!

Loreen is introduced and enters holding the trophy as the winning song is played. She kisses it and poses for photographs.

The song finishes and journalists are asked to take their seats so the press conference can begin.

The hosts congratulate her and present her with flowers.

First question. Swedish broadcaster asks Loreen how she focused with the pressure this week. Loreen said she slept and ate a lot and tried not to think about it.

Polish radio asks about the troubles in last night’s rehearsals. Loreen admist she swallowed snow but it did not make her nervous.

Azeri journalist asks Loreen who she first contacted. She answers “My family of course.”

SBS Radio, Australia. He asks her about the influences Lisa Gerrard from Australia has had on her life and tonight’s performance.

Swedish journalist asks her to tell us the most beautiful thing in Swedish that she can teach everyone. Loreen answers nature – pure air, water.

Next journalist from Azerbaijan asks how will Loreen support the people of Azerbaijan. Loreen says the people are friendly and will support them any way she can.

Next questions. How many years will Euphoria stay in people’s heart after the victory. “You want me to answer that? … As long as possible… Forever and ever“.

Swedish newspaper asks about emotion in the greenroom. Loreen said she felt like it was time stopped. The host invites Loreen’s mother amd presents her with flowers. “Thank you so much for your wonderful wonderful wonderful daughter” and says she is living the moment every mother dreams of. There are some photographs or Loreen with her mother and questions resumed.

Question asked in Azeri. Translated. You were 17th in final and also received 17 douze points in the final and if 17 is her new lucky number. It was actually 18 and she is corrected. Loreen says she will keep 17 as her lucky number.

The Netherlands. Asks message to views for 12 points from Netherlands. “Thank you very much” and asks her the recipe for recipe to a winning song. She said believe in yourself. She asks her how she feels. She says “Euphroic”.

JP from Radio International. Where will Eurovision 2013 be and will Loreen defend her title next year. Christer Björkman said we need to talk about the defending the title and needs to think about 2013 “but it will for sure be in Sweden.”

Azeri journalist. How will she answer “How was Azerbaijan?” if asked. Loreen will say they have great food but most of all the people of Azerbaijan are really nice. Applause. Christer Björkman thanks the organisation for a fantastic event and the hospitality and agrees with Loreen that everyone is friends.

Another Azeri journalist. Quite often the bookmakers get it wrong. This time the bookmakers get it right. The question is will Loreen buy a stake in the company. Loreen says she is not much of a betting girl but perhaps this time she will.

Ukraine. All Swedish artists that took part and won went on to be famous. How will Loreen carry on this tradition? Loreen answers she will continue to do good music.

Azeri journalist asks what memory Loreen will take away from Azerbaijan besides her victory. Loreen said she is a people person and that is what she will take away, the people of Azerbaijan mean a lot to her.

French journalist asks Loreen did she ever have any doubts. She said she did, she does not take things for granted. He also asks her to comment on Anggun. Great person, great vocalists. “I like her very much.”

Loreen is now asked about the grannies and something else I cannot here. I am sorry. She says she loves them very much and looks forward to party, nice food and sleep.

Jan Ola Sand is now introduced to give Sweden the “official papers” that gives them the right to host the next contest.

Jon Ola congratulates Sweden on a true victory and it is a long time since we have seen anything like that. He gives them an invitation to Geneva in June to talk about hosting and reminds them EBU will be with them all the way. He says he knows how hard Sweden has worked in the domestic market in recent years and asks other broadcasters to take inspiration from this. He says he looks forward to Eurovision 2013.

Christer Björkman thanks everyone and says how proud Sweden is and looking forward to this.

Marco Schreuder, Austrian newspaper. Reminds us Austria gave 12 points. He thanks Loreen for her work on human rights. He reads a question from Twitter, asking about the meaning of the dance. She answers says there are no rules, do not think so much, be whatever you want to be; it will work.

Ukraine asks what was wrong with their entry. Loreen says it is only a question of taste and this year was her turn.

Wow, some very random questions there.

Now the press conference is over. We hear the song again as photographs are taken.

It has been a pleasure spending time with you the readers of Thank you for reading and thank you for your support. Keep the comments coming. I am off to the afterparty. Much love to you all!