“Netta Barzilai and Alexander Rybak have the best stories this Eurovision”

The last couple of years, artists with a clear story won the Eurovision Song Contest. Conchita in 2014, Mans in 2015, Jamala in 2016 and Salvador in 2017 all had something bigger to tell. So who has the best story this year?

In our talkshow The ESCDaily Show, professional gambler Daniel Gould says that Israel and Rybak are on top of that list.

“It is not quite so clear this year,” the Sofabet-blogger says. “There are two options. One is that Alexander Rybak as a former winner will return this year, a recognisable face. The other is Netta Barzilai, such an individual look and song. My guess it that Netta or Rybak will be on the front page of the British papers.”

Watch the full episode of The ESCDaily Show below:

Erik Bolks from OGAE International, and a guest writer for ESCDaily, has his doubts with Israel. “The message does not come accross, they don’t show it.” Both talk about this topic more, as also France and other nations are struggling with this, in a year without LED-screens in the contest.

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  1. I’m just glad Yulia is not dominating the headlines.

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