UK: BBC “very disappointed” with Eurovision result

The BBC has stated that it was “very disappointed” by the UK’s result in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, coming last out of 25 with “That Sounds Good to Me”.

A statement on the broadcaster’s Eurovision Facebook group read: “Obviously we were all very disappointed with the UK result this year. But rest assured we’ll be working hard to improve the UK’s position in 2011. A number of ideas are already being discussed within the BBC as to how to do this. Naturally it will take some time to firm up our exact plans.”

When Jemini came last in 2003, the BBC scrapped the then national final “A Song for Europe” and replaced it with “Making Your Mind Up” in an effort to re-launch the contest domestically. James Fox finished 16th the following year, however only him and Daz Sampson escaped the bottom four at Eurovision under the new national final.

After Scooch finished second-last in 2007, the BBC changed to “Eurovision- Your Decision”, but this only lasted one year after Andy Abraham came last in 2008.

2009 saw fortunes turn around with “Eurovision- Your Country Needs You”, fronted by Graham Norton. With Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and Diana Warren writing the song, and Colin Barlow giving it and the singer record-label backing, the United Kingdom finished fifth in Moscow. However the joy was short-lived as the UK again finished last this year, coupled with the BBC’s worst set of viewing figures for the contest in recent years.