“Be careful for overreaction in the first round of rehearsals”

In our morning podcast Daily Coffee, Brandon McCann and Steef van Gorkum from ESCDaily talk about the countries that will take the stage on this fourth day of rehearsals and the reaction for Australia after their first rehearsal on Tuesday.

“It surprises me that, every year, the press centre overreacts after the first rehearsal over a country. For some, a potential winner like Australia can drop to a non-qualifier,” says our presenter Dennis. “Even after a disappointing first rehearsal last year, Isaiah also made it for Australia. They will pull it off again this year, but we have to be honest, there are still a lot of things that need to be fixed,” reacts Brandon.

Looking ahead to Sweden

Steef van Gorkum is looking ahead to the first rehearsal from Sweden, and the press conference that follows. “We know how it is going to look, but we don’t know how it is going to sound. Who is going to sing what part. We have been building up a lot of heat about it before Eurovision, the use of many backing vocals.”

Check out the full podcast above and pay some special attention to the shootout to our colleages from ESCInsight and there great podcast work 😉