Belarus creates a living room atmosphere in Rotterdam with Galasy Zmesta

Galasy Zmesta will perform for Belarus in 2021 photo: screenshot YouTube Eurovision

Belarus will be represented at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 by the group Galasy Zmesta. They will sing the song ‘Ya Naucha Tebya’ in the first semi final.

In the video clip for the song, which translates as ‘I’ll teach you’, we see the band creating a living room atmosphere. Listening to the style of the song, they might do something similar during their actual performance in Rotterdam.

Watch the video clip for Belarus Eurovision 2021:

The group formed ten years ago. Musicians from a band in Baranovichi started collaborating with members of the city’s KVN club. This is a community of comedians based on the long-running Russian TV show and international comedy competition Klub Vesyólykh i Nakhódchivykh.

The newly formed Galasy ZMesta enjoyed each other’s mutual creativity. In fact, they enjoyed it so much that they moved beyond parodying songs and started to compose their own material.