Belarus: Interview with Alyona Lanskaya (EuroFest 2012)

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Our fourth interview with the participants of “EuroFest” is from Alyona Lanskaya. She is taking part in the Belarussian national final for Eurovision 2012, after passing through the semi-final of the contest with her song “All My Life”. In our interview with her, we speak about her achievements and participation in EuroFest.

ED: Hello, Alyona! Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself, and about your music achievements?

Hi! I was born in the city of Mogilev, but for 7 years I live in Minsk, working in the producing center «Spamash». I think that my biggest musical achievement is the Grand Prix of the XX international vocal contest «Slavyanskiy bazar in Vitebsk-2011» and the receipt of the title «The honoured artist of Belarus».

ED: What your song, “All my life” about?

My song is about love. This is the feeling which everyone knows, not depending on country, language, education, age. This song,including its melodical and emotional content, really goes in common with me, with my feelings and mood, my artistic image. And i really hope that this feeling – when the song goes right from your heart –i will be ablу to show to european public.

ED: Why did you choose to take part in “EuroFest”?

EuroFest is a new level for me and I really want to сlimb it. Eurovision is one of the biggest european events and I really want to try myself there to see if I really can do it!

ED: Do you plan to change your song in the final to a different composition?

I think that the public appreciated «All my life» song written by Belarusian composer Leonid Shirin during the semifinal, though it was not so easy to perform as we had not much time, and the production of the instrumental part of the song was completed 2 hours before the show. But as I said, I love this song, its exactly “my” song!

Nevertheless during last weeks I have worked with composers and producers from several european countries, and in collaboration with them I have recorded several songs for my english album. So, who knows, maybe I will show some surprise at the final show!

ED: How will you plan to present your song in the final of EuroFest?

We are working at my stage performance for now, changing something in conception and image. But the result you will see in the final!

ED: What are your favourite past entries from Eurovision?

Every year I am watching Eurovision with big interest and I came to the conclusion that I have a big sympathy to Ukrainian representatives. Every year they are presenting original stage performancies with great songs and vocals and often they have leading positions after voting. Also I would notice performancies of Dima Bilan and Sakis Rouvas.

ED: Belarus only qualified to the final of Eurovision twice, with 3+2 and Dmitry Koldun. Why do you think other Belarusian entries haven’t been so successful?

I think in case of Koldun there was a great coincidence of some important features. First of all – good vocals and a great song with the melody you can easily remember. Then – good PR-work, plus to this; he is handsome, he has naturally given charisma and the bright image, created on this base. And the main thing; I want to mention a high quality of the team’s work, singer and the team worked as they were one mechanism trying to realize the common idea. Maybe other contestants didnt have some of those features in full volume, who knows..

ED: If get to represent Belarus this year, what will you be able to give to the contest that other participants from your country did not?

I think its the main secret of the contest, the key to the success – to try to add something completely new and original, so everybody will mention that and will give you 12 points. 🙂 But if to be serious, if I will win EuroFest i will try to realize some of ideas we already have with my team.

ED: Thank you for the interview, and good luck in the final of EuroFest!