Belarus: Interview with “Litesound” (EuroFest 2012)

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Litesound are one of the five acts who will take part in this year’s Belorussian national selection for Eurovision, “Eurofest”. They will take part with their self-penned song “We are the heroes”. ESCDaily got the opportunity to interview the band in the run up to the final of Eurofest, which will take place on January 31st.

ED: Hello, Litesound! Could you please tell us a little bit about the band, and it’s members?

Hi! We are the lead singers, songwriters and producers; the brothers Dmitry and Vladimir Karikain. We formed Litesound as a Belarussian band a few years ago, but we invited two new members from abroad in 2010 and now we’re satisfied with this crew. 🙂 It seems too us that the band looks and sounds like Litesound has to be!

ED: This is your fifth time in “EuroFest”, why are you so interested in this contest?

Eurofest is an amazing event! We are so excited. Every time we participate in it we believe that someday we will win Eurofest so we try our best for that!

ED: What is your song, “We are the heroes” about?

This song is about people… people who believe and try hard to make their dreams come true. Everyone is a hero who should never give up.

ED: Do you plan to change your song in the final to a different composition?

After we recieved thousands of positive feedbacks and after the Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak told to the journalists that our song has a real chance to be successful in Eurovision, we refused to change the song in case of any reasons.

ED: What are your favourite past entries from Eurovision?

Our favourites were Ani Lorak from Ukraine and Johanna from Iceland, but its true that there are a lot of great artists at Eurovision every year.

ED: Belarus only qualified to the final of Eurovision twice, with Dmitry Koldun and 3+2. Why do you think other Belarusian entries haven’t been so successful?

Maybe because they did not have so much luck.

ED: If you get to represent Belarus this year, what will you be able to give to the contest that other participants from your country did not?

Belarus has never participated in Eurovision with a rock band that has so much European influence as Litesound with its style and manners!

ED: Thank you for the interview, and good luck in the final of Eurofest!