Belarus: Ivan with rock song to Eurovision

Tonight the representative of Belarus in the 2016 has been chosen. Alexander Ivanov, also known as IVAN, will sing the song “Help You Fly” at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. Ten songs participated in the Belarusian national final, but the televoting public selected IVAN as their candidate for Stockholm. Singer NAPOLI became second and the third place was reserved for Kirill. 

The Belarusian entry was composed and produced by Victor Drobysh with lyrics by Mary Applegate. The duo also penned the Russian entries in 2005 and 2012 respectively. The show was presented by Olga Ryzhikova and Teo. Teo represented his country at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Cheesecake”.

Below you can see a video of Ivan’s winning performance:

ESCDaily’s founder Renee Pozzi wrote the song from Aleksey Gross. She has done very well. We are proud of her!

The full results of the televoting were as follows:

  1. IVAN (Aleksandr Ivanov) – Help You Fly
  2. NAPOLI – My Universe
  3. Kirill Ermakov – Running To The Sun
  4. NAVI – Гэта зямля (This Land)
  5. Aleksey Gross – Flame
  6. Anastasia Malashkevich – Pray For Love
  7. THE EM – Turn Around
  8. Valeria Sadovskaya – Not Alone
  9. Radiovolna – Radiowave
  10. Sasha Zakharik – Glory Night