Belarus juries picks ZENA with “Like It” for Tel Aviv

BTRC hosted their national final, Nationalny Otbor 2019, in which 100% jury vote unanimously decided that ZENA will represent Belarus in Eurovision 2019. She will now sing the song “Like It” after scoring 69 out of 70 points from the seven-person Belarussian jury.

Belarussian broadcaster BTRC decided to open to a 100% jury vote, completely negating the public vote. Instead, a seven-person jury decided the result, including Dmitry Koldun who achieved Belarus’ best place in Eurovision history with 6th in 2007 with the song “Work your magic”. The national final co-host was Teo who also represented Belarus in Eurovision 2014 with the song “Cheesecake”.

Check out the Eurovision 2019 entry for Belarus: ZENA – Like it

Nationalny Otbor 2019 running order and results:

    1. Michael Soul – Humanize (59 points)
    2. ZENA – Like it (1st: 69 points)
    3. Eva Kogan – Run (54 points)
    4. BLGN & Mirex – Champion (2nd: 65 points)
    5. Sebastian Roos – Never getting close (3rd: 62 points)
    6. Alyona Gorbachova – Can we dream (59 points)
    7. PROvokatsiya – Running away from the sun (55 points)
    8. Aura – Čaravala (55 points)
    9. NAPOLI – Let it go (58 points)
    10. KeySi – No love lost (59 points)