Belarus: Rybak shows his disappointment

Alexander Rybak, composer and founder of the girl group MILKI, has showed his disappointment on the result in the Belarusian national final publicly on Facebook. After the televoting, the girls of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest winner were in second place, but the seven jury’s only gave low points to their song ‘Accent’.

ESC Daily’s Kristian Zervas gave a rough unofficial translation of Rybak’s words in the video you can see through the following link:

“I go on tour to many places around the world and everywhere Europeans say that there is so much dirt about my homeland, Belarus. And I defend it, defend it. I say that it has a good system. And they say, “What kind of system? It’s all bought/ bribed”. And I keep defending it. But I don’t even know anymore what I am defending.

Every year, I meet the Belarussian delegation and they keep saying, “Sasha, please, write us a song. What do we need to do to win in Eurovision?” And so I wrote a song, spent so much time, so much money. I found some unique and talented girls and I wrote a song about pure and authentic Belarus, how I see it. And then the jury failed it. I even sacrificed by not celebrating Christmas with my parents. But it’s not even about that.

Everywhere in Europe, people supported us; experts; fans of Eurovision, and here the jury decided to fail us. I saw this jury before. I’ve met everyone. I remember when I was sick, one guy from the jury came and said to take a picture with the kids. I smiled and took a picture and he said, “We will always support you.” And this is how they support, yeah? I really hope that I will never again see this jury because it will be very difficult to pretend that I’m happy and that I want to smile”.

The group MILKI performed the song ‘Accent‘ but were beaten by ‘Time‘, the winning entry by Uzari and Maimuna. Do you think Rybak has a point, or is he being a sore loser? You can compare both songs here…


  1. Rybak has a point! Accent was far better than Time and the Belorussian jury was not made the right decision this time…

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