Belgium: Iris to sing “Would You” in Baku

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Belgian representative for this years’ Eurovision Song Contest, Iris (Laura van den Bruel) will sing “Would You” in the first half of the first semifinal on May 22nd. You can watch a performance of the song from this evening, below;

During a 15 minute special on Flemish national television, called “Eurosong 2012: A song for Iris”, seventeen year old Belgian representative performed two songs in front of a live audience.

After the presentation of the songs “Would You” and “Safety Net”, the viewers had the chance to vote for their favourite over the evening. The result was then revealed during the show “Vrienden van de Veire” at around 23.00, which concluded with Iris singing the winning entry “Would You” one more time. The song has been written by an 18 year old girl from the country, and is about someone doubting the sincerity of their lover.

In the final show Iris was interviewed about her plans for Baku, and how she might be able to beat other competitors, like the ‘grandmothers from Russia’. When the final results were revealed, it turned out that 53% of the voters chose Would you as their favourite; a very small difference, resulting in a scream from Iris.