Benjamin Ingrosso: Backing vocalists are important part of my team

Backing vocalists are more and more often hidden on the Eurovision stage. Sweden’s Benjamin Ingrosso too decided to have his five backings not shown on screen. Still he acnowledges: “They are an important part of my team”.

ESCDaily asked Ingrosso about his backing vocals at the Swedish press conference. “We wanted the performance to be similar to the Melodifestivalen performance. But at the same time, we needed the vocals to sound more full and more live.”

Christabelle also hides her backings

“The message of “Taboo” is too important, so that’s why we did it,” says the Maltese singer Christabelle. Ces├ír Sampson from Austria has two backing singers on screen, and the other ones not. He does not want increase the level of their audio more: “I did not bring five of the best singers in the world for them to stay hidden.” He wants his backing singers to be more heard on stage during his second rehearsal.