Benny Cristo to sing ‘Kemama’ for Czech Republic

Benny Cristo — Photo: Benedikt Renč

The Czech Eurovision selection has now concluded, with Benny Cristo revealed as the winner with his song, Kemama. Earlier in the season, there were plans for a televised national selection, however the broadcaster decided to revert back to the online selection format.

After all the songs were released, fans could vote for their favourite entries through the official Eurovision app, while an international jury comprising of former Eurovision artists voted for their favourite songs.

The selection received a total of 35,000 individual votes, which is almost 10,000 more than last year. The jury votes highlighted the close nature of the selection, with almost every competing act receiving at least one set of 12 points from the jury. The winner of the jury vote was Barbora Mochowa, followed by Benny Cristo. The jury votes included the international votes from the Eurovision app.

In the Czech televote, Benny Cristo received the 12 points, followed by Elis Mraz ft. Čis T, and We All Poop. With the points combined, Benny Cristo finished on top with a total of 22 points. Listen to the song below:

This was the full line-up:

Barbora Mochowa – White & Black Holes
Benny Cristo – Kemama
Elis Mraz ft. Čis T – Wanna Be Like
Karelll – At Least We’ve Tried
Olga Lounová – Dark Water
Pam Rabbit – Get Up
We All Poop – All The Blood (Positive Song Actually)

This post was written in collaboration with Eurovision Union.