Bosnia & Herzegovina: “Eurovision team involved in a bar fight”

Three members of the Eurovision song contest team from Bosnia and Herzegovina were involved in a fight during the program shooting for TV Hayat. According to several Bosnian media outlets. broadcaster BHRT hints on a potential withdrawal as a result of the tensions within the team.

The fight allegedly took place at Vlašić mountain where performers Deen, Dalal, Jala, Ana Rucner and the author of the song Almir Ajanović participated along with other colleague performers in a shooting of a TV program. Ajanović started to throw bottles, aiming as the media reports, at Jala, the rapper from the team.

Instead of him, Ajanović struck singer Šaćir Ahmeti (who is not involved in Eurovision but happened to be at the tv-set). The bottle caused Ahmeti a head injury. Ahmeti already gave a statement to the media saying that he will press charges against Ajanović.

Apart from Ahmeti, media reports that one of the singers from the Eurovision team, Dalal Midhat, was also injured. It is unclear whether the fight was the outcome of an internal fight between Eurovision team members or not. Meanwhile, rapper Jala issued a video on his Facebook page in which he denies media speculations that Ajanović would have broken his nose.

It remains unknown what lead to the fight. As Maja Čengić, official PR of Eurovision team stated, they are still waiting for the team to return from the mountain so they can clear things out. When Bosnian media outlets asked whether the internal problems within the team could be a reason for withdrawal from the Eurovision Song Contest, BHRT said: “Potentially. All options are now open.”

“This is an internal thing between BHRT and the team, but if these kinds of incidents are belonging to the offence or criminal offenses, then this is the job tor criminal authorities. In any case, someone who has misdemeanor or criminal charge, certainly can not be the part of Eurovision Song Contest team,” said Lejla Babović, chief of Bosnian and Herzegovinian delegation for Eurovision 2016.