Bilal Hassani makes France the most divisive Eurovision entry of this year

Bilal Hassani and his act for ‘Roi’ make France the most divisive entry of the year. In a very interesting discussion on the ESCDaily Show between Torbjörn Ek (Aftonbladet) and Keith Mills (Irish Eurovision expert), this was very noticable.

Ek sees France and Bilal Hassani as one of the acts that “makes Eurovision what it is”, whilst Mills thinks it is “more a statement, than a song. And in the end, Eurovision is a song contest.” What do you think?

Together with Steef van Gorkum, the two guests also speak about the chances of Italy, Spain and the rest of the Big 5. Keith Mills works with the Italian delegation this year and announces a lot of changes for Mahmood’s second rehearsal.

Check out the full episode below!

The three also discuss the safety issues in host nation Israel. According to Ek, a big event like Eurovision can always be a target. “And this is the closest we have ever been to an active war zone.” Still, fans should come to Tel Aviv. “Just be careful. Make sure you know the escape route in your hotel. Take a bike instead of public transport if you can.”

Mills thinks that fans should come to Tel Aviv, however they should bring their wallet. “Oslo was expensive, but Tel Aviv is almost as expensive a city!”