BNT: “Bulgaria NOT on the list for 2016”

Bulgaria is not on the current list for participation in Stockholm 2016. Joana Levieva-Sawyer, Head of Delegation for BNT, has confirmed this news to ESC Daily. “We are trying to put up a budget for it, but so far we have not gathered it. So we are officially not on the list.”

The news comes as a surprise, as media outlets assumed Bulgaria was part of the list of 41 countries that Jon Ola Sand spoke about earlier this month. The participation of Australia seemed to have solved the mistery of who was number 41, but if Bulgaria is not on the list, those speculations may start all over again.

“The deadline is already gone,” knows Levieva-Sawyer, “so for now, we are not taking part. But if organizing Junior Eurovision will help us to gather enough money, we may consider it and check if we can enter after all. But I am not sure if this will be possible, since the deadline has already passed.”

Broadcaster BNT wants to emphasize that they would really like to take part. However, “it is absolutely accepted among all members that Eurovision Song Contest has become a really expensive event to take part in.” Levieva-Sawyer does not want to comment on what the EBU could do to resolve this problem for participants. “It is not my job to do that.”