Bulgaria: BNT reveals details for the national final

BNT, the Bulgarian National Broadcaster today announced more details for the Bulgarian National Final that will be held on the 23rd of February.

As it was previously reported the National Final of Bulgaria will be held on the 23rd of February. The show will last around two hours and it will start on 19.30 CET (or 20.30 local time) in Hall 1 of NDK. It will be broadcast by BNT1 and BNT World.

Maria Illieva and Orlin Pavlov will host the Bulgarian National Final while the viewers will have the chance to vote for their favorite entry on the 22nd of February. The guests of the Bulgarian National Final will be Dirty Parchis, Tri o Five, Bon Bon and the Romanian representatives for Eurovision 2011; Hotel FM. Tickets for the show are available at the box offices of NPC. The deadline for submitting entries expired yesterday, February 9. 

On your right; Maria Illieva & Orlin Pavlov.

Bulgaria is taking part in the second Semi Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 and will perform during the second half of the show.