Bookmakers: “Israel favourite to win Eurovision 2018”

Now that we have all 43 songs for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, we have almost seven weeks left to speculate on who will qualify from the semi finals, which countries will get a top-10 result and of course: Who will win Eurovision 2018? 

According to the most leading bookmakers, Israel will win the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

We know how much the betting market can fluctuate. Especially in the first week of rehearsals and during the actual shows. But still it is nice to have a first look at what companies like Unibet, Sky, William Hill and Lad Brokes have to say about the field of Eurovision 2018 thus far.

The top-15 for victory by the bookmakers on the 14th of March 2018

And they are pretty clear: Netta Barzilai from Israel is the one to beat, with her song ‘Toy’. Though we have not seen a live performance of the song, it seems we get to hear and see her vocal loop machine in Lisbon, something unique and unseen at Eurovision!

Australia is in the top five of the bookmakers for Eurovision 2018

What else do we see? Well, our own Australia is in a nice fifth place. According to the bookmakers, it seems very likely that ‘We Got Love’ by Jessica Mauboy will join Guy Sebastian, Dami Im and Isaiah Firebrace as a top-10 finisher at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Contenders for the victory, besides Israel, seem to be the opera song by Elina Nechayeva from Estonia and the contemporary rap show by Mikolas from the Czech Republic. Bulgaria’s group Equinox, which we have not seen live yet, is not far behind. Good staging and live vocals might do the trick for Bulgaria, to lower their odds with the bookies.

What do you think? Do the bookmakers have it right this year? Remember, in 2017 they favoured Italy in a matter that we had not seen before, and eventually Francesco Gabbani did NOT win the contest in Kiev.

So to all you Israeli Eurofans out there, don’t get your hopes up too soon. Because when it comes to bookmakers’ predictions at Eurovision: It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.


  1. IMHO Israel’s Toy is the is most unpleasant entry in 2018. But as I totally disliked PORT 2017 that must mean Israel wull win in 2018 ???

  2. The bookies have got it catastrophically wrong and couldn’t be more out of touch. Israel’s entry this year is chaotic and all over the shop.
    On the top end of the scale (in no order) are the likes of Malta, France, Estonia, Australia, Serbia & Belgium. Impressed with Poland’s entry too, their best entry in many, many years.

  3. as an israely i am sorry to say our song is completly rubbish , with excelent chances of not making it to the grandfinale. stay away from the bookies and their non kosher agenda…

  4. Interesting odds. I don’t beleive that Israel will transfer well onto the live stage. Will be interesting to see!

  5. Israel has the best entry! Brilliant!
    So creative, powerful! Makes people happy! In this crazy world we need happy music!

  6. I really do not appreciate Israel’s song. sorry.

    What about spain? and Italy, denmark… ? i like those better

  7. I hope that Israël go to win.i big fan of Israël.the song is very good.
    Israël is very good county.come good singers out.
    Love Israël.

  8. Only one of the top 10 songs managed to charm me so far. Belgium may very well be a potential dark horse for this year’s ESC. Would even be a great 007-title song, as far as I’m concerned.

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