Bosnia & Herzegovina: Deen and Dalal presented for Stockholm

Deen will return to the Eurovision stage in 2016. The 33 year old singer will represent Bosnia & Herzegovina for the second time in his career, this time performing a duet with Dalal Midhat-Talakic. Celloist Ana Rucner will also be involved in the Bosnian entry.

Yesterday, broadcaster BHRT announced the return of Bosnia & Herzegovina to the Eurovision stage,  after several years of absence. Today, a press conference was organized to announce the Bosnian entry, and to further explain the decision to return. No details were given about the song – the BHRT did not specify a date on which the song would be released.

Lejla Babovic from BHRT did however state the following:

“The financial situation of BHRT is probably even worse right now than in the past two years. However, we found a business partner who guarantees that the costs will be covered. BHRT is solely giving licence to the Eurovision entry representing our country. Coming back to the Eurovision Song Contest is not just good for our national TV station, but for the whole of Bosnia & Herzegovina. We are not going to be taking part at the European Championships in football next year, but we can take part in at least one European championships – the Eurovision Song Contest.”

Dalal & Deen
Dalal Midhat-Talakic was part of the R’nB duo Erato, who scored a minor hit in Bosnia in 2008 with “Putujemo Snovima”. After that, she spent several years of her life organizing music festivals. In 2014, Dalal returned to the spotlights with her first solo single “Gdje sam ja”, which earned her the label Bosnian Adele (according to several big Bosnian music magazines).

In the following interview from June 2014 (in the Bosnian language), Dalal claims that she owes the relaunch of her musical career to Deen, who helped her with her new single. Deen, himself a big name in the Bosnian music scene ever since his appearance in the boyband Seven Up, will now be Dalal’s stage partner for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm.

Deen previously took part in the Song Contest in 2004, when he reached a 9th place with his song “In the Disco”. Listen to it below!