Bosnia & Herzegovina: Maya Sar to sing “Korake Ti Znam”

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Today, BHRT announced in a press conference the song title of the entry that will represent Bosnia & Herzegovina in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012.

BHRT announced that the song that will represent the country in Baku is entitled “Korake Ti Znam”. The arrangement was done by Mahir Sarihodžić. Maya stated,

We will try to present the dignity of Bosnia & Herzegovina in this prestigious competition!

Maya Sar has also announced that a part of the video will be filmed in Rome and in Istanbul.  “The goal is to blend East and West, tradition and modernity”, Maya added. Acting Director of BHRT; Belmin Karamehmedovic, expressed his satisfaction with the choice of Maya Sar to represent Bosnia & Herzegovina in the Eurovision this year. Belmin is convinced that the success of the country will not fail and BHRT gives the maximum support to the team.

“Korake Ti Znam” is expected to be revealed in early March. Maya Sar was chosen to represent Bosnia & Herzegovina internally. Below you can see a photo from todays press conference of BHRT (click to enlarge).

Stay tuned!