Bosnia-Herzegovina: ‘We are not representing ourselves’

Bosnia & Herzegovina is one of the few nations that has a song in their own language at this years Eurovision Song Contest. Deen, Ana, Dilal en Jala explained to why they made that decision.

Dilal states: “We are not representing ourselves, we are representing our country. That is why we sing in Bosnian. It is not something like The Voice or X Factor, this is Eurovision.

You can watch the full interview our reporter Brandon McCann had during Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam with Deen, Dilal, Ana and Jala from Bosnia & Herzegovina above. Deen explains the meaning of his song: “It is about the unique feeling of love, about connecting everybody through this most important feeling. Also about Bosnia, because that is a country of diversity, different cultures and religions. But we live together, love each other and respect each other.”