France: Anggun to represent France in 2012

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Anggun will be the one to represent France in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012! Anggun has made the headlines of the French leading newspaper Le Parisien today as the French Eurovision representative.

Indonesian-born French singer/songwriter Anggun Cipta Sasmi was born 29 April 1974 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Anggun’s musical career began in her childhood, at the age of only 12 years where she found commercial success in her homeland Indonesia. At the age of 20, Anggun moved and continued her career in Europe, and currently she resides in Paris, France. To date, the singer has released a total of 12 studio albums (5 in Indonesian and English plus 4 in French) and one soundtrack album (Open Hearts), plus several of her songs have also been included on some compilation albums. Anggun’s best known album to date is Snow on the Sahara, which was released in 33 countries worldwide (including the US), which contains her biggest hit to date, “Snow on the Sahara.”

“Snow on the Sahara” (This isn’t her Eurovision entry)