Bulgaria: Alisia and Desislava to enter Bulgarian selection

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Before the November 11th deadline, the next acts to publically declare their applications to the Bulgarian National Selection are no other than famous singers Alisia and Desislava.

In an statement to Monitor.bg, Alisia commented regarding her participation; “despite scandals in previous editions at a local level, I still think it is very prestigious and it makes sense to participate in it. So the world will understand that a small country like ours produces quality music”. Alisia will be entering the competition with an entry described as being ‘on the edge of R’n’B’ and it’s working title is “Love me, baby”.

Above: Alisia’s hit ‘Karamel’ and Desislava’s duet with Kostas Martakis ‘Agapi Mou (Loving U)’

Secondly, Desislava has also announced her planned participation in the Bulgarian National Selection. Desislava is arguably one of the most popular singers in Bulgaria and she has collaborated with many artists around Europe and several artists connected with the Eurovision Song Contest. Desislava reportedly will work with Romanian producers on her entry. The entry will be a ‘dance beater’ and the text will be half Bulgarian and half English. The final product of the song is still unfinished, but the demo has been completed in the meantime.

Earlier this year Poly Genova represented Bulgaria in Eurovision 2011 with ‘Na Inat’, however the entry did not to qualify to the Eurovision Song Contest final.

Stay tuned!