Bulgaria: Artistic director “honoured to work with Kristian”

Sacha Jean-Baptiste is the artistic director for Bulgaria this year. After the first rehearsal of Kristian Kostov, there were a lot of compliments for her staging, as Bulgaria revealed themselves as a candidate for a top result in Kiev.

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“It sounds so new, it sounds so tomorrow. I wanted to work with Kristian from the moment I heard the song for the first time,” Sacha tells ESC Daily. “Coming to Eurovision is an honour. I get to listen to a song and look at an artist and then create something out of my mind. If we get a top result, I would be so happy. But on the other hand, I don’t really think about the ranking. I have pushed every second, every camera angle. When I am happy with the work, I am happy for the next ten years.”

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Sacha Jean-Baptiste also does the staging for Australia’s Isaiah Firebrace, as well as for Armenia and Georgia. Therefore you can see a longer interview with her on our website, later this week.