BNT looking for “a delicate mixture” for Bulgaria’s 2018 act

Bulgarian broadcaster BNT has provided more details towards their strategy to be successful again at the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2018, they are looking for “a delicate mixture of а very good performer, interesting voice, the right song and an attractive visual presentation.”

And yes, the Bulgarians know that “sounds way easier than it is in the reality.” In fact, their strategy seems to be a copy from our series of The Key to Success at the Eurovision Song Contest. In that series we highlighted the most important factors a broadcaster should have in mind when it comes to picking their act for Eurovision.

Official statement by the Bulgarian delegation

“Once again we are looking for a charismatic artist, captivating song and effective stage concepts. We would like to be working together with the best professionals. So that we prove once again that Bulgaria is worthy part of the music landscape in Europe. With this kind of approach we had very good achievements in the last two years. The second place by Kristian Kostov and the fourth by Poli Genova“, said the Bulgarian Head of Delegation Joana Levieva-Sawyer.

BNT set the deadline for submission of songs for the selection on the 20th of December. In March, all songs will be handed over to the EBU.

Sascha Jean-Baptiste

This would not be the first time Bulgaria pays extra attention to stage presentation. Last year, renowned staging director Sascha Jean-Baptiste orchastrated the act for Kristian Kostov’s “Beautiful Mess“.