Bulgaria: No comeback in 2015 after all

Bulgaria will not be returning to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015. Even though the country had placed an article on their website confirming their preliminary application to the contest, they have now withdrawn on the last day.

Broadcaster BNT is saying on Twitter: “It’s quite simple and trivial – we don’t have the money for it at the moment and we couldn’t fit in the deadline. We would like to think about further engagement after JESC2014, but the deadline is today. You never know what could happen until the release of the list with participating countries. But for now that’s the way it is.”

Last year, Bulgaria also decided to withdraw on the last possible date, before they would get fined by the EBU. So far, 38 countries have already given an indication that they will join the party in 2015, with 31 official applications. The EBU will probably wait with the official list with participating countries until January.