Bulgaria: Survey for country’s participation in Eurovision 2013

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After the confirmation of BNT for Bulgaria’s participation in Eurovision 2013 the very first step is done.  A survey about the Bulgarian participation in ESC 2013 is moderated by BNT, OGAE Bulgaria and Eurovision-bg.com

BNT is waiting for your answers! Send them via an e-mail on: eurovisionbg@mail.bg

1. What style of song do you expect from Bulgaria in 2013?
a.) Fast dance pop song;
b.) Ballad with ethnic elements;
c.) Ballad in American / Western European type;
d.) Ballad with rock elements;
f) Rock;
f.) Jazz, soul, alternative;
g.) Fast song with ethnic elements;
h.) Other (please state);

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2. [Open response] Which Bulgarian artist is most well-known or famous to you? What impresses you about their work? Note the artist’s songs that you think are appropriate for „Eurovision“.

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3. [Open response] Which Bulgarian song has left the most lasting mark in your mind? What impresses you about it?

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4. [Open response] Specify the best Bulgarian entry that did not qualify to the Eurovision Song Contest final.

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5. Which language should Bulgarian entries to the Eurovision Song Contest be performed in?

a.) Bulgarian;
b.) English;
c.) Bilingual combination of Bulgarian and English;
d.) Other;

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6. [Open response] List any flaws you think affected the song and stage presentation from the list below; 
a.) „Lorraine“ (2005);

• Answer:
b.) „Let me cry“ (2006);

• Answer:
c.) „Dj, take me away“ (2008);

• Answer:
d.) „Illusion“ (2009);

• Answer:
e.) „Angel si ti / You’re angel“ (2010);

• Answer:
f.) „Na inat“ (2011);

• Answer:
g.) „Love Unlimited“ (2012);
• Answer:

7. [Open response] Arrange the following elements of the song presentation in order of importance: choreography, vocal performance, lighting, camera angels and stage effects (graphics, pyro effects, etc..). You can add more elements at your own discretion.

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8. [Open response] Specify up to 5 songs that have impressed you most in „Eurovision“ between 2005 and 2012.

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9, [Open response] Which performances in  „Eurovision“ between the period 2005 to 2012 do you consider as the best in terms of production design and visual presentation?

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Note the following additional information for you:

– Under 16 years;
– 16-20 years;
– 20-30 years;
– 30-45 years;
– Over 45 years;

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